COmmercial Security Guard Dispatch

HPI Unified Inc. specializes in premiere site & event security for a host of industries and applications. We make sure to go above and to make sure you get the right person for the right job.

Whether your company requires short-term coverage for a single shift, an event, a multi-month construction project or long term dedicated staffing for your building or facility, HPI Unified, Inc. has the experience and depth to cover all of your security needs. Our staff is trained, licensed and goes through an extensive hiring process so you can be sure you are getting the best service available.

In addition to the standard professional requirements, we understand that the officer standing post at your facility must blend in with your team. The guard is handpicked and trained on site specific protocol which includes additional training such as: high end customer service, special access control procedures, special fire panel programs, parking area vehicle inventory… etc. We are eager and happy to learn your process in order to become an integrated partner as well as provide professional security services.

Some of the areas of concentration is as follows:

Retail Alarm Response

Several retail locations utilize this service to ensure that they have a reliable security company able to respond to any alarm, at any of their locations, 24/7. The responding officer will approach with caution, examine the perimeter, check all doors and windows, and ensure there has been no tampering or vandalism. Some clients grant us access to their locations so that we may enter the premises and do an interior check as well. We are able to inspect and ensure that there has been no tampering with site and the customer assets. Once the site has been secured, we reset the alarm and arm the location.

Property Patrol Checks

Many times a business complex or an apartment complex don’t need a dedicated, standing guard on a regular basis. They may have temporary problems that need service on short notice, for a short period of time. HPI Unified, Inc. will provide patrol hits where a site is visited a certain number of times a night, at random times and days. The random element keeps those that want to cause harm guessing. Once on site, the patrolling officer would inspect the full perimeter, do some minor checks and investigate any sensitive areas. Private residences, shopping centers, mall parking lots, business complexes are all examples of industries that utilize this service.