Professional Executive Protection

Incidents affecting personal safety both directly and indirectly can and do occur every day. From celebrities, VIPs, executives, government officials, and others seeking specialized protective services, HPI Unified, Inc.’s agents can be deployed as individuals or teams to give you the protection that means peace of mind. 

Our agents are experienced members of law enforcement, military, government, and specially trained and certified individuals. Their background gives them an unrivaled depth of knowledge in dealing with executive protection.

ATM Security Escort Services

The HPI Unified, Inc.’s ATM Escort Services Division is a specialized service providing armed escorts for ATM repair technicians. The armed escorts provide a safe and secure working environment that allows the ATM repair technician to service the equipment and get the ATM machine back online. ATM repair technicians may request armed escorts at any time. These armed escorts are requested by the ATM repair technicians through the HPI Unified, Inc.’s International Communications Center (ICC). The ICC then provides the ATM repair technician with an armed escort. All our highly trained armed escorts carry a registered firearm, are easily identifiable and have two way means of communication.

We also provide a wide variety of additional services such as:

  •  DES Keys
  •  Vendor Escorts
  •  Employee Exit Interview Presence
  •  Assisting in Company Property Retrieval/Recovery
  •  Executive and Management Protection Services

For banking clients, we provide escorts for your employee’s doing cash replenishment, alarm response, and permanent or temporary security guard services.

Entertainment Industry Security Service Solutions

The depth of our recourses allows you to have at your disposal a highly trained security staff, without the added costs of full time employees. The “connected services” philosophy at HPI Unified, Inc. allows your organization to focus on your business, while we insure the safety of everyone involved.

Gone are the days of assumed safety and security in many public settings and situations. Protecting your Artist, their family and the crew cannot be left to the inexperienced or poorly trained. HPI Unified, Inc. Security offers the most professional alternative in the entertainment industry today. We recruit our staff from many unique fields including the entertainment industry itself, military personnel, and former police officers and Federal agents. Although there will always be a time and place for physical presence, we believe discreet protection is always preferable to excessive displays of force.

Our ability to provide all the security needs for a project, regardless of geography, allows for “one stop shopping” for your project and staff. This includes the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry from music to movies, and sports to television. We offer one contact and one invoice which can streamline the often-hectic atmosphere of the back office and set.

Armed Jewelry Escort Security

The HPI Unified, Inc. Jewelry Escort Services are a highly specialized service that provides jewelry representatives with armed protection while transporting diamonds and other precious jewelry. 

Investigative Analysis

Effective negotiations depend upon accurate information – as does any major decision involving strategic risk to the corporation. HPI Unified, Inc. investigators and research analysts specialize in transactional and corporate due diligence services in the U.S. and around the world. 

We serve as trusted advisors to the legal, financial and compliance teams charged with formalizing and assessing major transactions and strategic business relationships and navigating corporate disputes.

Some of the areas of concentration is as follows:

Litigation Support Investigation

Support your legal strategy by investigating adverse parties, their claims and backgrounds – prior to litigation or during legal proceedings. 

Among the greatest risks to both plaintiff and defendant is that there is information “out there” that counsel doesn’t know. Undisclosed conflicts of interest. Misrepresentation of assets owned or controlled. A pivotal, hidden example of deceit or ill intent. Or a witness who is adept at not being found.

Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations

Determine the facts – quickly and effectively – when you suspect internal control lapses, money laundering, kickback schemes, bribery and fraud, licensing violations, theft of intellectual property or civil rights violations.

COmmercial Security Guard Dispatch

HPI Unified Inc. specializes in premiere site & event security for a host of industries and applications. We make sure to go above and to make sure you get the right person for the right job.

Whether your company requires short-term coverage for a single shift, an event, a multi-month construction project or long term dedicated staffing for your building or facility, HPI Unified, Inc. has the experience and depth to cover all of your security needs. Our staff is trained, licensed and goes through an extensive hiring process so you can be sure you are getting the best service available.

In addition to the standard professional requirements, we understand that the officer standing post at your facility must blend in with your team. The guard is handpicked and trained on site specific protocol which includes additional training such as: high end customer service, special access control procedures, special fire panel programs, parking area vehicle inventory… etc. We are eager and happy to learn your process in order to become an integrated partner as well as provide professional security services.

Some of the areas of concentration is as follows:

Retail Alarm Response

Several retail locations utilize this service to ensure that they have a reliable security company able to respond to any alarm, at any of their locations, 24/7. The responding officer will approach with caution, examine the perimeter, check all doors and windows, and ensure there has been no tampering or vandalism. Some clients grant us access to their locations so that we may enter the premises and do an interior check as well. We are able to inspect and ensure that there has been no tampering with site and the customer assets. Once the site has been secured, we reset the alarm and arm the location.

Property Patrol Checks

Many times a business complex or an apartment complex don’t need a dedicated, standing guard on a regular basis. They may have temporary problems that need service on short notice, for a short period of time. HPI Unified, Inc. will provide patrol hits where a site is visited a certain number of times a night, at random times and days. The random element keeps those that want to cause harm guessing. Once on site, the patrolling officer would inspect the full perimeter, do some minor checks and investigate any sensitive areas. Private residences, shopping centers, mall parking lots, business complexes are all examples of industries that utilize this service.

Integrated Security Framework

Our trainings can encompass broad points of view to narrow solution-oriented presentations to meet the challenges of specific business units. We work with institution to understand their needs and what training they need, then customize presentations around the staff, facility and risk. Our work is tailored directly to each client for those purposes. 

Our global presence and roster of in-house subject matter experts from law enforcement and corporate security, prosecutors, and including graduate school educators, allow us to work effectively in any market. Our offices can also support local or transnational needs to understand, accommodate and integrate cultural nuances related to sites in different locations. It’s our goal to help our clients reduce risk through effective security training. 

Some of the areas of concentration is as follows:

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

Comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments are essential to securing your organization. Our multidisciplinary approach looks at security from every angle to mitigate risks — from the physical environment to the human element to the role of technology. 

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. We can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios, from facility security to executive protection. Not only do we bring decades of experience to our assessments, our leading experts can also help you anticipate potential sources of new threats. 

Our vulnerability assessment methodology begins with an in-depth security review. No matter the focus of your assessment, we apply a time-tested methodology where we look at current areas of exposure and any past security incidents in order to identify potential  vulnerabilities. This enables our team to determine the likelihood of any particular threat, prioritize action plans, recommend appropriate security measures, and implement solutions when necessary.

Policies & Procedures

Do you have policies and procedures that cover risks like workplace violence, bomb threats, active shooters or natural disasters? How about executive protection or travel to high-risk areas? How do you know if current procedures will be sufficient or effective? 

Given the complexity of most organizations, developing effective security programs can be an overwhelming job. As a world leader in physical, cyber, and corporate security, we can help you create security policies and procedures that work together to close the gaps that might otherwise expose your organization to greater risks. 

An effective security program must cover many scenarios and clearly define the duties and expectations for everyone in your organization – from the security department to management and employees as well as third parties like local emergency responders and business continuity partners. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we can review your current security policies to ensure they cover your current risks and vulnerabilities. 

Security Audits

Security measures are of little use if they are not enforced. A security audit assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented. Our audits will show you where gaps and vulnerabilities might exist in your current systems and procedures.

We have seen countless reasons for noncompliance with existing security procedures. Sometimes employees bypass measures for the sake of convenience or if they feel they can be more productive without them. Other times, there is a resistance to change or just forgetfulness or carelessness. Multinational companies and those with multiple facilities can find it especially challenging to ensure there is system-wide compliance with security procedures. 

With our global footprint, we have the resources to not only uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization, but also what issues are driving that noncompliance. We can then help you establish a balanced and effective security risk management program that you can be comfortable and confident with. This exercise can be especially beneficial after an acquisition for standardizing policies and procedures. 

Our security audits can also play an important role in internal investigations when anomalies are discovered or wrongdoing is suspected. You can use our findings for not only any potential litigation/legal proceedings, but also to strengthen your internal controls to mitigate future problems.

Security Training

Our trainings can encompass broad points of view to narrow solution-oriented presentations to meet the challenges of specific business units. We work with institution to understand their needs and what training they need, then customize presentations around the staff, facility and risk. Our work is tailored directly to each client for those purposes. 

Our global presence and roster of in-house subject matter experts from law enforcement and corporate security, prosecutors, and including graduate school educators, allow us to work effectively in any market. Our offices can also support local or transnational needs to understand, accommodate and integrate cultural nuances related to sites in different locations. It’s our goal to help our clients reduce risk through effective security training. 

Some of the areas of concentration is as follows:

General Safety and Security Training

HPI Unified, Inc. provides training to new and existing executive and government leaders that is tailored to their expertise, threats and risks their organization or facility faces and to the particular needs and circumstances of the organization. The training is typically preceded by a review of the operation in question, an analysis of organizational threats and interviews with professionals and operational management the organization is to protect. 

Based on this review and analysis, HPI Unified, Inc. security training can include the following components:

  1. Basic threat and risk analysis.
  2. Basic risk management and mitigation strategies
  3. Preparation and implementation of security plans
  4. Basics of security methodologies (concentric layers of protection, use of personnel, processes and technology, information security) and references for further study.

Specific skills necessary to the particular situation of the trainees. 

This may include:

  1. Basics of procurement and contracting of services
  2. Incident response and crisis management
  3. Communication skills
  4. Defensive driving
  5. Hostile environment training
  6. Interaction with local authorities
  7. Governance issues, such as the organization’s code of conduct, local regulation, international principles.
  8. Detecting hostile or suspicious activity in the workplace
  9. Implementation and training of EAP (Emergency Action Plan)
  10. OSHA required safety and health standards training
  11. Chemical Biological and Radiological hazards and awareness training

Travel Security Training

HPI Unified, Inc.’s training programs will educate your organization to protect professionals traveling the globe and detect the warning signs of an incident before it occurs from a rich understanding of the information that is accessible in each country, its relative accuracy and reliability, and the frequently delicate balance between politics and business. We can provide scalable travel security training sessions for as many as 20 people or for a small team of senior executives in any location. We can deliver the course in any office environment, in most countries and in most languages utilizing the following assets:

  1. Extensive presentations to your security professionals, which can be shared and passed on through your organization.
  2. Open discussion with the employees responsible for travel security implementation and monitoring.
  3. Easy to implement introduction to company travel policy and procedures.
  4. Table-top and scenario-based learning to build the confidence of your team.
Workplace Violence Training

HPI Unified, Inc. can provide workplace violence prevention training online or in person for employees, which can easily be tailored to your organization. We offer the background on how to understand the spectrum of incidents that could progress in an occurrence. If it’s an internal person, we offer signals to recognize and respond to an active shooter in the workplace.

A second layer of training for frontline supervisors and managers is available to make sure your teams are secure and can recognize and report early warning signs of violence throughout your business structure. Additionally, a third layer of training involves comprehensive multi-disciplinary threat assessment team training designed to fit various settings:

  1. Retail locations, shopping malls and stores
  2. High-rise, commercial facilities and offices
  3. Corporate and academic campuses
  4. Manufacturing factories and facilities

A critical component of Workplace Violence training is awareness of active shooter dynamics. HPI Unified, Inc. guides organizations through the development of appropriate response protocols and strategies. Our team of law enforcement and security professionals conduct training for active shooter awareness and responses, including pre-incident indicators and warnings signs, prevention, preparedness and response.

Crisis Management Training

Whether it’s physical, operational, or reputational risk, businesses must adapt and remain resilient throughout disruptive changes on any scale. HPI Unified, Inc. assists with the preparation of a crisis management plan through practical, tailor-made training and exercises designed to highlight areas of difficulty in the team or its plans as well as personal and team-focused skills for those responsible for crisis management. The training and exercises ensure that when under the pressure of a real crisis, the team can be as effective and successful as possible. Crisis management training and exercises can include: 

  1. Review and discussion of crisis and incident plans, responsibilities, and channels of communication 

  2. Scenario exercises to build crisis decision-making capabilities 

  3. Training in crisis communication and live exercises with experienced journalists to build crisis communication skills 

  4. Table-top and semi-live exercises to test and build a crisis team’s preparedness 

  5. Feedback and recommendations regarding the organization’s crisis management plans, structure, and teams

Security Planning

Produce a plan that enables you to prioritize, estimate and implement risk mitigation measures that can be adapted if your needs change. Good security risk management begins with a master plan — a vision of the security department, its roles and responsibilities, and how it fits into the overall organization. We have found that security is more effective when you look at your organization as a whole. Accordingly, we address all aspects of security planning simultaneously to provide our clients with a security master plan that serves as a coordinated and cohesive security solution. While built on best practices, our master security plans are customized for your unique needs. In our experience, the most effective plans will incorporate responsibilities not only for preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to incidents, but also for ongoing monitoring and updating of the plan itself.

Security Master Plan

Our approach to creating a security master plan starts with an assessment of the current risk environment. We will identify any high-risk areas in your organization based on the severity of impact and likelihood it will occur. This process can include both interviewing a variety of personnel as well as examining technical resources such as electronic security systems. Our goal is to ultimately produce a plan that will enable you to prioritize, estimate the cost, and implement risk mitigation measures that can be adapted if your needs change. The four major components for developing a security master plan typically include:

  1. Asset Definition to establish priorities for the security master plan. It is not realistic to assume that every asset can be or should be protected against every possible threat. Assets will be identified on how critical each is to the organization.
  2. Threat Assessment that includes the identification and analysis of potential threats against your organization. Events are typically categorized as criminal, natural, or accidental.
  3. Vulnerability Analysis where we correlate assets and threats and define the method or methods for compromise. We will analyze the existing security program to identify any physical, operational, and procedural weaknesses that may exist and identify potential countermeasures that could be implemented to minimize the probability of an event. The primary goal of this analysis is to develop a profile that defines overall threats that may affect your organization. A profile is developed that would categorize threats as highly probable, possible, or unlikely.
  4. Security Measures are selected for implementation. The selection process is intended to channel resources to protect the most vital assets against the most probable threats. Security measures for a comprehensive security master plan typically addresses the following:

  • Architectural elements
  • Operational elements
  • Electronic security systems
  • Policies and procedures

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